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Meeting started by colindixon at 17:05:28 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. agenda bashing (colindixon, 17:05:32)
    1. email alagalah@noironetworks.com or just update wiki for proposed topics. Information required: topic, your contact, time required, proposed presenter (alagalah_, 17:06:18)
    2. colindixon says congrats to all for efforts releasing Helium (tbachman, 17:07:45)

  2. Stable Release - cutting stable release branches (alagalah_, 17:07:46)
    1. projects need to create branches for stable/helium (tbachman, 17:07:59)
    2. https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Simultaneous_Release:Cutting_Stability_Branches (alagalah_, 17:08:36)
    3. colindixon uses openflowjava as an example (tbachman, 17:09:24)
    4. colindixon notes that he has been reaching out to each project's POC, but any committer can cut the stable branch (alagalah, 17:09:46)
    5. colindixon notes that Step0 from above link is critical to being able to complete the process (alagalah, 17:10:16)
    6. colindixon walks thru the Jenkins Merge job requirements which are documented on the wiki link above (alagalah, 17:11:48)
    7. next step is to use gerrit to create the branch (tbachman, 17:13:21)
    8. the revision for your branch should be the tag for your project when the release was cut (tbachman, 17:14:35)
    9. colindixon walks thru creating a branch and notes its important that the tag-list is the tag for the time it was released. This is (again) documented in the wiki above (alagalah, 17:14:41)
    10. colindixon notes that if your project depends on another project, Step5-> will not work until those projects reach Step5 (alagalah, 17:16:59)
    11. colindixon Notes he has a solution for cyclical dependencies that he will document (not in wiki above) but contact him with questions (alagalah, 17:17:25)
    12. colindixon validates that the stable branch git log has same tag as the release tag list mentioned above (alagalah, 17:20:17)
    13. colindixon asks in Gerrit for stable/release add colindixon as reviewer (alagalah, 17:22:38)
    14. colindixon says that the patch files were created as part of the automated release process (tbachman, 17:23:30)
    15. https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/odlautorelease/job/autorelease-helium-worker/120/ (colindixon, 17:23:35)
    16. https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/odlautorelease/job/autorelease-helium-worker/120/ jenkins page for listing the patches for all the projects for Helium (tbachman, 17:24:04)
    17. step 3 is to create a new merge job for jenkins (tbachman, 17:26:09)
    18. step 4 is to update your .gitreview file (tbachman, 17:27:07)
    19. step 5 is to bump the version on the stability branch (tbachman, 17:29:01)
    20. flaviof asks if you need to do the same on the master branch (tbachman, 17:35:23)
    21. colindixon says yes, that’s in step 6 (tbachman, 17:35:29)
    22. step 6 is to bump the version on your master branch (phrobb, 17:35:41)
    23. alagalah asks if this is documented (ie what version is really current) (alagalah, 17:39:25)
    24. colindixon says that until/unless we get these aggregated into a single pom file, you have to check with the projects (tbachman, 17:39:55)
    25. step 7 is how to cherry pick patches from Master to a stability branch via gerrit (tbachman, 17:42:17)
    26. colindixon wraps up around 10:45am (40min into recording)... Q&A (alagalah, 17:44:54)
    27. flaviof asks if we’ll need to do the same when a new branch is cut (e.g. another stable) (tbachman, 17:46:19)
    28. colindixon says yes, but the steps should mostly be the same (tbachman, 17:46:36)
    29. colindixon says the only thing he hasn’t documented on the wiki is that steps 0-4 you can do anytime, but 5-7 you need your dependent projects to be finished first (tbachman, 17:50:28)
    30. alagalah asks when stable release cut needs to be done for each project. colindixon points out we have missed the gate in the Release Plan (at his guidance) but now we should complete ASAP. (alagalah, 17:52:12)
    31. phrobb asks that given the 11/10 date for cutting the stable/helium release, accounting for integration and test time, when should projects be looking to cut their release? (tbachman, 17:55:35)
    32. colindixon says it would be really good if we can get all the projects through this by Friday (tbachman, 17:55:50)
    33. colindixon asks if gzhao could push to have the Stable Release cuts done by Fri, with a goal of the primary dependency projects done by Wed (alagalah, 17:56:55)

  3. clustering (tbachman, 17:58:33)
    1. alagalah says there’s been a lot of meetings around requirements for clustering (tbachman, 17:59:02)
    2. https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenDaylight_Controller:MD-SAL:Architecture:Clustering Clustering project web page (tbachman, 18:00:06)
    3. alagalah says that input from the community is sought — this will be covered by a future TWS meeting (tbachman, 18:00:12)

Meeting ended at 18:01:01 UTC (full logs).

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