17:00:19 <colindixon> #startmeeting TSC
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17:00:33 <colindixon> #topic agenda bashing and roll call
17:00:38 <mohnish_> #info mohnish anumala
17:00:38 <colindixon> TSC members please #info in
17:00:53 <colindixon> #info colindixon
17:01:00 <edwarnicke> #info edwarnicke
17:01:00 <ChrisPriceAB> #info Chris Price
17:01:18 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/index.php?title=TSC:Main&oldid=44540#Agenda the agenda for today it's usual place
17:01:26 <dfarrell07> #info Daniel Farrell
17:01:28 <gkaempfer> #info gkaempfer
17:01:32 <colindixon> #link https://meetings.opendaylight.org/opendaylight-meeting/2016/tsc/opendaylight-meeting-tsc.2016-03-17-17.00.html last week's meeting minutes
17:01:35 <dfarrell07> 6
17:01:52 <colindixon> #action colindixon to try to find somebody to help with documenting the general procedure for the platform upgrade to Boron?
17:02:37 <LuisGomez> #info LuisGomez
17:02:44 <colindixon> #Link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004899.html maintaining cleaner committer lists
17:03:01 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004933.html thread on openflow plugin lessons learned
17:03:07 * ChrisPriceAB is still fighting with webex...
17:03:16 <colindixon> #action zxiiro will look more into maven central now that we're at least signing things
17:03:36 <colindixon> #action ChrisPriceAB and phrobb_ have heather come and talk to the ODL community about how to have a bigger presence at OpenStack
17:03:56 <colindixon> #topic TSC mailling list votes and discussions
17:03:56 <ChrisPriceAB> :D
17:04:27 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-February/004633.html tsc election discussion
17:04:55 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004922.html meeting minutes from the Board-tech commmunity
17:04:59 <colindixon> #undo
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17:05:04 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004922.html meeting minutes from the Board-tech commmunity regarding TSC elections
17:05:21 <colindixon> #info after some time for that to quiesce, phrobb will start a movement to makre progress
17:05:29 <colindixon> #action phrobb to drive progress on TSC elections
17:06:08 <ChrisPriceAB> sounds liker rain...
17:06:09 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004881.html MPLS-TP project has asked for a creation review over e-mail because of time zone differences
17:07:39 <colindixon> #Info colindixon's inclination is to start a creation review thread to ask for feedback by next week, and the vote in person next week or over e-mail next week
17:07:48 <colindixon> #action colindixon to start creation review thread for MPLS-TP
17:08:06 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-March/000447.html second MPLS-TP-related project proposal
17:08:34 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-March/000454.html some discussion about commonality between the two MPLS-TP project prooposals
17:09:35 <colindixon> #topic events
17:10:12 <colindixon> #action colindixon to figure out when we're willing to make the Boron release plan as something that's not tentative
17:10:20 <tykeal> that would be the week after OPNFV Summint in Berlin
17:10:25 <colindixon> #link https://www.opendaylight.org/global-events
17:10:27 <tykeal> s/Summint/Summit/
17:10:33 <jamoluhrsen> +1 for a hackfest
17:10:38 <colindixon> #Info phrobb asks when we'd like to do a hackfest for Boron, right now that would be at the end of June
17:10:48 <colindixon> #info colindixon, jamoluhrsen, and dfarrell07 say they'd like to have one
17:11:03 <colindixon> #action phrobb to send out a thread about a hackfest at the end  of june
17:11:23 <colindixon> #info tykeal notes that the last week in june is the week after the OPNFV summit in berlin
17:11:39 <colindixon> #info OpenStack is the last week in April, peoople make be reaching out for demos at the booth
17:11:53 <colindixon> #info there's a mini-summit for ODL at the OPNFV summit in Berlin
17:12:25 <colindixon> #link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hfYPBqK4B6vtSRdhyT5Gbq7aMRjJs7fPzbVl31OEL7M/viewform CFP for ODL mini-summit at the OPNFV summit in Berlin
17:12:30 <tykeal> need more summits in that statement ;)
17:13:12 <ChrisPriceAB> #link http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/opnfv-summit/program/cfp OPNFV Summit CFP, closes end of the month
17:13:41 <colindixon> #topic boron
17:13:59 <anipbu> #info Please provide feedback to OpenFlowPlugin by April 7.  Meeting on April 4 during TWS to discuss issues/concerns/bugs with OpenFlowPlugin migration efforts.
17:14:05 <anipbu> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Weather#Unmerged_Patch_for_projects_to_test_OpenFlow_Plugin_default_design_to_Lithium
17:14:12 <anipbu> #info We are missing the M1 status report from l2switch, snmp, tcpmd5.  These projects have been notified.
17:14:18 <anipbu> #info Boron M1 Offset 2 Status is due Today 3/24.  This is assuming that we keep with the provisional
17:14:27 <colindixon> #topic stable/beryllium
17:14:39 <colindixon> #info Beryllium-SR1 was shipped, the branch is unlocked, versions were bumped
17:14:54 <colindixon> #info next release is on 4/28 with a cutoff of the sunday before at 11:59p UTC
17:15:03 <colindixon> #topic system integration and test
17:15:26 <colindixon> #info integration/distribution has a new PTL vrpolak (Vratko), congrats!
17:16:12 <colindixon> #info there seems to be some differences between normal tests and the autorelease distributions, e.g., the port conflict issue between NetIDE and VPN service
17:16:29 <colindixon> #info the TWS on Monday will cover (at least for part of it) the changing use of experimental features
17:16:48 <colindixon> #Info jamoluhrsen would like to ask for test contacts to attend
17:17:14 <colindixon> #info abhijitkumbhare notes that Monday is a holiday in europe
17:17:19 <colindixon> #action colindixon jamoluhrsen to work on finding the best time/place to talk about experiemntal features and testing
17:17:25 <jamoluhrsen> colindixon, link for Port wiki https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Ports
17:17:42 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Ports the ports we use for refernece
17:17:48 <colindixon> #topic infrastructure
17:18:03 <colindixon> #info the first things are moving to to the private cloud, things are going well
17:18:15 <colindixon> #info there will be some outages on Saturday, expect flakiness
17:19:02 <colindixon> #action tykeal to forward the outage information to release@lists.opendaylight.org
17:20:25 <colindixon> #info this will be the last jenkins blip for a while, there will be some other outages as we upgrade our infra while we're not near the end of the release, e.g., nexus, sonar
17:20:36 <colindixon> #Info after that, we'll be bringing up the sandbox inside the private cloud and test things
17:20:50 <colindixon> #Info after that we'll start to plan our outage to bring jenkins into the private cloud
17:21:03 <colindixon> #info after that, zuul and nodepool
17:21:22 <colindixon> #topic genius creation review
17:21:31 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:Genius
17:21:42 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-March/000415.html proposed on 3/4/2016
17:22:19 <daya_k> #link http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/ODDF_Generic_Network_functions.pdf
17:23:44 <colindixon> #info this project tries to tackle application co-existences with a focus on OpenFlow
17:24:47 <colindixon> #info colindixon thinks the scope isn't really a scope statement, which should probably be fixed, the description comes a lot closer, so maybe just flopping the two would work?
17:24:51 <colindixon> edwarnicke:  ^^^^^^^
17:24:52 <uri_> need to ensure SFC is included too as well as the on-going multi writer work
17:25:12 <colindixon> uri_: from scope "generic network services to applications like VPNService, SFC, Netvirt... "
17:25:43 <uri_> so not OF only...
17:25:57 <colindixon> uri_: I'm going to ask that quetion
17:26:21 <dfarrell07> committer list -> "The above list is not complete and work in progress as the committers would be from other dependent projects and the discussions are ongoing."
17:26:57 <colindixon> #Info daya_k says that the key goal is to try to minimize the design time interactions required to co-exist and instead push it to run-time
17:28:23 <colindixon> #info mostly focuses on OpenFlow so far, solving 3 different problems (1) the table-0 demuxing problem, (2) partitioning other resources for openfow, (3) try to allow applicattions to interact, e.g., GOTO TABLE for another app and or via MD-SAL in the control plane
17:29:26 <colindixon> vina_ermagan: I'm expecting the lfm graduation review to be short, is that also your expectaiton?
17:29:34 <colindixon> vina_ermagan: just trying to manage time
17:30:09 <colindixon> dfarrell07: good catch, so far we have scope and that
17:30:15 <colindixon> edwarnicke: I'd love to hear your thoughts on the scope
17:30:21 <colindixon> since you're usually the most careful there
17:30:32 <edwarnicke> colindixon: Looking more closely
17:30:36 <vina_ermagan> colindixon: Our proposal page should be complete, not sure what else the discussion should include
17:30:48 <colindixon> edwarnicke: I think basically if you flop description and scope, it *might* work
17:31:18 <colindixon> #info daya_k talks about the interface manager (talking about network interfaces, not java interfaces) to handle port like things with tunnels, VLANs and the like
17:31:21 <vina_ermagan> colindixon: I think it should be short :)
17:31:25 <edwarnicke> colindixon: At first scan I would tend to agree
17:32:05 <colindixon> #info colindixon suggests maybe considering a different word than interface manager since that's going to (maybe) cause havoc because of the java keyword interface?
17:33:07 <colindixon> #info edwarnicke asks how this interacts with topology model, daya_k says it doesn't for right now
17:33:53 <colindixon> #info daya_k says that it uses the ietf-interfaces YANG data model, edwarnicke note that he has concerns about this because it's really meant for device control
17:34:00 <colindixon> #Info Prem_ and daya_k say they'll look into this
17:34:40 <colindixon> #Info colindixon says that he thinks moving the augmentations from ietf-interfaces to the topology model will be pretty easy
17:35:48 <colindixon> #info vina_ermagan asks if this is going to be speciifcally for OpenFlow devices or more generic?
17:36:07 <colindixon> #Info daya_k sasy for now it's built on OpenFlow, but the plan is to make it so that it can have more southbounds for this
17:36:51 <abhijitkumbhare> colindixon: you might want to undo last & correct spelling
17:37:02 <abhijitkumbhare> of daya_k “says"
17:37:15 <colindixon> :p
17:37:16 <colindixon> #Undo
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17:37:16 <colindixon> #Info daya_k says for now it's built on OpenFlow, but the plan is to make it so that it can have more southbounds for this
17:37:17 <colindixon> ooops
17:38:22 <colindixon> #Info daya_k aslso talks about partitionion (at least virtual) OpenFlow swtiches tables into pipelines with applications having their own pipelines
17:40:09 <colindixon> #info shared overlay tunnel service will try to avoid each project maintaining it's own tunnels
17:40:39 <colindixon> #info shared aliveness monitoring to test health of tunnels
17:41:05 <colindixon> #info ID manager to get unique IDs in ODL, why not use UUIDs?
17:43:34 <colindixon> #Info colindixon note that the scope and description will be flopped (buleleted list is the scope)
17:44:20 <colindixon> #info daya_k and other say the committer list and resources and commited resoureces are complete
17:46:54 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC approve the genius project as an incubation project assuming that they make the above changes? -1, 0, +1
17:46:54 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC approve the genius project as an incubation project assuming that they make the above changes? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
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17:47:21 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
17:47:23 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
17:47:24 <mohnish_> #vote +1
17:47:26 <gkaempfer> #info +1
17:47:26 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
17:47:28 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
17:47:33 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
17:47:34 <uri_> #vote +1
17:47:36 <eshuvka_> #vote +1
17:47:55 <colindixon> edwarnicke: was there a TSC sub I wasn't ware of?
17:48:02 <colindixon> #vote +1
17:48:05 <colindixon> #endvote
17:48:05 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC approve the genius project as an incubation project assuming that they make the above changes?" Results are
17:48:05 <odl_meetbot> +1 (9): eshuvka_, gkaempfer, ChrisPriceAB, LuisGomez, edwarnicke, dfarrell07, uri_, colindixon, mohnish_
17:48:07 <rovarga_tmp> #info rovarga proxy for jmedved
17:48:18 <colindixon> rovarga_tmp: hey
17:48:37 <colindixon> #info colindixon doesn't know if eshuvka_ is a TSC member or delegate, so he things that's 8 +1s
17:48:47 <rovarga_tmp> colindixon: sorry for being late, the CET/US shift is killing me (and my new desktop is killing my usual nick)
17:49:02 <colindixon> #info phrobb says that he notes that daya_k and Prem_ aren not committers, daya_k says yes
17:49:39 <colindixon> #info mohnish_ asks if being offset 1 is right, colindixon says (a) he thinks it is and (b) it's not permanent in either event
17:49:40 <abhijitkumbhare> eshuvka_: is Shuva, strong support from him :). But - it was a mistake :)
17:49:56 <colindixon> #info vishnoianil asks if Yi is invovled, he is
17:50:21 <abhijitkumbhare> congrats Genius :)
17:50:34 <colindixon> #agree Genius is now an incubation project
17:50:38 <mohnish_> congrats
17:50:40 <colindixon> #topic NATApp creation review
17:50:44 <colindixon> #Link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:NATApp_Plugin
17:50:57 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-February/000402.html proposed on 2/23/2016
17:51:15 <eshuvka_> #info oops no i am not
17:51:28 <colindixon> edwarnicke: how do you feel about the scope's use of "mostly"
17:51:29 <vishnoianil> daya_k, Prem_ congratulations to Genius
17:51:35 <colindixon> edwarnicke: I'd tend to think its fine
17:51:50 <eshuvka_> congrats daya_k,Prem_
17:52:03 <colindixon> congrats all
17:52:17 <ChrisPriceAB> I think it's mostly fine colindixon; edwarnicke  ;)
17:52:36 <colindixon> #Info colindixon worries a bit about the use of the word "mostly" in the scope
17:52:41 <Prem_> Thanks vishnoianil ehuvka_
17:52:46 <Prem_> Thanks all!
17:52:51 <edwarnicke> colindixon: It falls into the category of things about which I have an opinion, but not one that rises to the level of a complaint ;)
17:53:36 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC allow the genius project to join Boron at offest 1 even though it's technically too late? -1, 0, +1
17:53:36 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC allow the genius project to join Boron at offest 1 even though it's technically too late? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
17:53:36 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
17:53:38 <colindixon> #vote +1
17:53:43 <colindixon> forgot this
17:53:43 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
17:54:13 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
17:54:13 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
17:54:16 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
17:54:16 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
17:54:17 <mohnish_> #vote +1
17:54:27 <rovarga_tmp> #vote +1
17:54:40 <colindixon> #endvote
17:54:40 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC allow the genius project to join Boron at offest 1 even though it's technically too late?" Results are
17:54:40 <odl_meetbot> +1 (8): gkaempfer, rovarga_tmp, ChrisPriceAB, LuisGomez, dfarrell07, edwarnicke, colindixon, mohnish_
17:54:46 <mohnish_> That is why I was asking about offet 1
17:54:55 <colindixon> mohnish_: thanks! I missed that
17:54:57 <colindixon> sorry
17:55:14 <colindixon> #agree the NATApp project will be allowed to join boron at offset 1
17:55:48 <mohnish_> colin: did you mean Genius? not NATapp
17:56:05 <edwarnicke> colindixon: I think you meant Genius not NATapp
17:56:10 <colindixon> #Undo
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17:56:15 <colindixon> #agree the Genius project will be allowed to join boron at offset 1
17:56:21 <colindixon> #Info edwarnicke points out that having a complex external dependency (like MySQL) tend to get adoped less, having it also work with easier to deploy things, e.g., sqlite might help
17:56:26 <colindixon> #info they say they'll look at it
17:56:58 <edwarnicke> #info further points out that sqllite itself has been problematic in the past... would counsel something like derby etc that work well portably ;)
17:57:13 <colindixon> #Info rovarga_tmp asks if they plan to support things other than openflow pluging, the answer is not for right now, but they might do other things
17:57:40 <colindixon> #Info vivek says there are plans to add NAT to the VPN service in boron as well
17:59:09 <colindixon> #info abhijitkumbhare says that they should be aware that they will use the lithium plugin, they will be
17:59:37 <colindixon> #info rovarga_tmp asks if the REST APIS will be RESTCONF, they say yes
18:00:24 <colindixon> #info gkaempfer encourages them to use external databases that are consitent with clustering
18:00:40 <colindixon> #info colindixon says they might look at TSDR, Centinel or persitence for ideas
18:00:41 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC approve the NATApp project as an incubation project? -1,0,+1
18:00:41 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC approve the NATApp project as an incubation project? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
18:00:41 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:01:08 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
18:01:18 <rovarga_tmp> #vote +1
18:01:21 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
18:01:31 <colindixon> #vote +1
18:01:34 <uri_> #vote +1
18:01:55 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
18:01:56 <mohnish_> #vote +1
18:01:57 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
18:01:58 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
18:02:00 <colindixon> #endvote
18:02:00 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC approve the NATApp project as an incubation project?" Results are
18:02:00 <odl_meetbot> +1 (9): dfarrell07, gkaempfer, rovarga_tmp, LuisGomez, edwarnicke, ChrisPriceAB, uri_, colindixon, mohnish_
18:02:17 <ChrisPriceAB> will need to go in 10...
18:02:21 <ChrisPriceAB> sharp
18:02:23 <colindixon> #agree NATApp plugin is now an incubation project
18:02:31 <vina_ermagan> https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenDaylight_Lisp_Flow_Mapping:Graduation_Proposal
18:02:38 <vina_ermagan> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenDaylight_Lisp_Flow_Mapping:Graduation_Proposal
18:02:47 <colindixon> #topic LISP Flow mapping graduation review
18:02:51 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenDaylight_Lisp_Flow_Mapping:Graduation_Proposal
18:03:11 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004858.html asekd for it on 3/10/2016
18:03:21 <colindixon> #Info been in ODL since Hydrogen
18:03:30 <colindixon> #info colindixon notes that they've had some of the best docs of anyone
18:03:45 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC allow the NATApp plugin to join Boron? -1,0,+1
18:03:45 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC allow the NATApp plugin to join Boron? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
18:03:45 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:03:49 <colindixon> #vote +1
18:03:51 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
18:03:51 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
18:03:53 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
18:03:56 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
18:04:05 <rovarga_tmp> #vote +1 (assuming offset-2)
18:04:05 <odl_meetbot> rovarga_tmp: +1 (assuming offset-2) is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, +1.
18:04:11 <rovarga_tmp> #vote +1
18:04:16 <colindixon> #endvote
18:04:16 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC allow the NATApp plugin to join Boron?" Results are
18:04:16 <odl_meetbot> +1 (6): gkaempfer, rovarga_tmp, ChrisPriceAB, dfarrell07, edwarnicke, colindixon
18:04:27 <colindixon> #agree NATApp project can join boron
18:04:43 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC graduate the LISP flow mapping project to mature? -1,0,+1
18:04:43 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC graduate the LISP flow mapping project to mature? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
18:04:43 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:04:47 <rovarga_tmp> #vote +1
18:04:49 <colindixon> #vote +1
18:04:51 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
18:04:55 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
18:05:02 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
18:05:04 <colindixon> LuisGomez, uri_
18:05:04 <ChrisPriceAB> #vote +1
18:05:06 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
18:05:10 <colindixon> #endvote
18:05:10 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC graduate the LISP flow mapping project to mature?" Results are
18:05:10 <odl_meetbot> +1 (7): gkaempfer, rovarga_tmp, LuisGomez, dfarrell07, ChrisPriceAB, edwarnicke, colindixon
18:05:28 <colindixon> #agree LISP Flow Mapping is now a mature project
18:05:40 * ChrisPriceAB congratulates the LFM team!
18:05:44 <colindixon> #topic cookies
18:06:03 <colindixon> #endmeeting