17:00:11 <colindixon> #startmeeting tsc
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17:00:18 <colindixon> #topic agenda bashing and roll call
17:00:22 <colindixon> TSC members please #info in
17:00:25 <colindixon> #info colindixon
17:00:34 <abhijitkumbhare> #info abhijitkumbhare (for ChrisPriceAB )
17:00:54 <LuisGomez> #info LuisGomez
17:00:54 <dfarrell07_sick> #info Daniel Farrell
17:00:56 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/index.php?title=TSC:Main&oldid=44841#Agenda the agenda
17:00:58 <gkaempfer> #info gkaempfer
17:01:18 <colindixon> #link https://meetings.opendaylight.org/opendaylight-meeting/2016/tsc/opendaylight-meeting-tsc.2016-03-24-17.00.html last week's minutes
17:01:30 <colindixon> #action colindixon to try to find somebody to help with documenting the general procedure for the platform upgrade to Boron?
17:01:40 <colindixon> #action zxiiro will look more into maven central now that we're at least signing things
17:01:46 <colindixon> #actoin phrobb to drive progress on TSC elections
17:02:07 <rovarga__> #info rovarga__ proxy for jmedved
17:02:12 <colindixon> #info tykeal says that maven central requies that we push to their nexus, and our documentation link is incorrect according tot hem
17:02:32 <edwarnicke> #info edwarnicke
17:02:38 <colindixon> #action phrobb to send out a thread about a hackfest at the end of june
17:02:40 <mohnish_> #info mohnish anumala
17:02:53 <colindixon> #action ChrisPriceAB and phrobb_ have heather come and talk to the ODL community about how to have a bigger presence at OpenStack
17:04:02 <colindixon> #topic TSC mailing list votes and discussion
17:04:25 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004923.html TSC elections, blocking on the board approving a shorter than 12-month term for 4 CAL slots
17:04:39 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004961.html vote on Jozef Bacigal as OpenFlow Plugin committer
17:04:53 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004963.html  formally approve the Boron release plan
17:05:06 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/release/2016-March/006121.html Labeling features experimental until they meet system test requirements
17:05:17 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004956.html MPLS-TP Creation Review over e-mail
17:05:29 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-March/000454.html thread about commonality between the two MPLS-TP projects
17:06:27 * edwarnicke counsels respiration to colindixon
17:06:29 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2016-March/004908.html keeping clearn committers lists
17:06:43 <colindixon> #topic events
17:06:54 <colindixon> #link https://www.opendaylight.org/global-events
17:07:16 <colindixon> #topic boron
17:07:45 * colindixon waits for anipbu to #info in things
17:08:05 <anipbu> #info The Boron Autorelease job fails to build didm-identification.  Currently working with their team to address the issues.
17:08:12 <anipbu> #info Currently missing the M1 status email for the following projects: didm, eman, genius, vbd, kafkaproducer, next, reservation, snbi.  These projects have been notified.
17:08:46 <colindixon> #action colindixon to follow up with why we're seeing faliures in autorelease but not in projects
17:08:52 <colindixon> #topic stable/beryllium
17:08:58 <colindixon> #info nothing this week
17:09:07 <colindixon> #topic system integration and test
17:09:15 <colindixon> #info nothing this week
17:10:08 <colindixon> #Info jamoluhrsen says that the packaging stuff should go on the download page, but not the deployment scripts
17:10:39 <colindixon> #topic infratstructure
17:11:11 <colindixon> #info last weekend we took an outage for a lot of servies, we're now using 2.12.2 for gerrit
17:11:34 <colindixon> #info you now need to add your gpg key and sign pushes if you want to not have a ? next to your owner
17:12:01 <colindixon> #info this will fail in gerrit if you use subkeys to sign (which is how tykeal) recomments
17:12:14 <colindixon> #Info you can use the feature if you have a master key with the default sub of singing
17:12:40 <colindixon> #info to do this you need git 2.6 and you can do this with git
17:12:51 <colindixon> #action tykeal to write this up and send an e-mail about this
17:13:08 <colindixon> #info we will be moving Nexus this weekend, with some downtime
17:13:50 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/release/2016-March/006139.html downtime e-mail
17:14:05 <colindixon> #info gerrit may be slow while we rysnc data from old to new nexus (today)
17:15:56 <colindixon> #topic Cardinal NMS creation review
17:16:53 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:Cardinal
17:17:31 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-March/000430.html proposed on 3/11/2016
17:17:31 <colindixon> #info opendaylight monitoring as a service
17:18:00 <colindixon> mohnish_, edwarnicke if either of you vote, we get the committer promotiion done
17:20:03 <colindixon> #Info idea is to proviede an abstraction for exposing monitoring, diagnositcs, and events in OpenDaylight
17:20:17 <colindixon> I'm curious if people have looked at the integration of OpenDaylight and OpenNMS
17:20:43 <colindixon> #Info this will then generate an OpenDaylight MIB, monitoring and traps via SNMP for the controller itself
17:21:32 <mohnish_> I believe OpenNMS folks are talking to TSDR for monitoring. Don't know exact status.
17:21:46 <colindixon> mohnish_: I know that they are and have working PoCs
17:21:58 <colindixon> #Info in later releases the goal is to expose network devices as well
17:24:51 <colindixon> #Info colindixon notes that there's some information about carbon and boron in the scope, which is unncessary, but probably harmless
17:25:13 <colindixon> the scope seems to include a lot of detail, which goes beyond what's needed, but I think it's harmless
17:25:29 <colindixon> #info there is a proposed OpenDaylight MIB
17:25:47 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/File:Cardinal-ODL_Monitoring_as_a_Service_V1.pdf slides
17:27:17 <colindixon> #Info abhijitkumbhare asks if they are expecting people to publish data into this, for now it's that they will grab things they need
17:27:42 <colindixon> #info rovarga__ says that there is an RFC which translates to YANG to SMIv2 which would allow YANG models to be be MIBs
17:28:02 <colindixon> #info rovarga__ wonders if we would do this by hand or use the RFC description, and then how it woudl be maintained
17:28:19 <colindixon> #Info rovarga__ basically says that having automated translation would seem like the right way to do
17:29:02 <colindixon> #info Rajani says that's probably the right stategy, but it's not clear if that's how they'll do it at first
17:29:20 <colindixon> #info vishnoianil asks why are we providing data that's already exposed by MD-SAL also as SNMP
17:31:12 <colindixon> #Info LuisGomez says that supporting SNMP allows for most NMSes to monitor OpenDaylight, where MD-SAL is harder
17:31:54 <colindixon> #info edwarnicke asks if they plan is to run snmpd and snmptradp as separate processes, they say yes
17:33:21 <colindixon> #info edwarnicke asks why the decision was to also use snmptrapd and snmpd over Java native with snmp4j
17:34:08 <colindixon> #info colindixon asks if it will be platform specific, for now it sounds like yes, Linux, but it's possible to run snmpd and snmptrapd on other platforms
17:34:28 <colindixon> #action colindixon and edwarnicke to follow up about deployability concerns
17:35:28 <colindixon> #action colindixon to connect cardinal with the OpenNMS guys to see if there's a way to keep some work in common
17:35:57 <colindixon> #info they show a PoC with nagios and netsnmp monitoring OpenDayilght as well as traps
17:37:37 <colindixon> #info mohnish_ agrees with rovarga__'s concerns
17:38:29 <rovarga__> I think it would great to see how the core and subagents are integrated ... just to understand to what pieces they are talking
17:39:01 <colindixon> #info rovarga__ notes that the MIB <=> YANG may or may not be bidirectional, it might be only MIB to YANG
17:39:27 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC move the Cardinal project to incubation? -1,0,+1
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17:39:33 <tykeal> is there code that needs to go through IPR?
17:39:33 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
17:39:35 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
17:39:38 <mohnish_> #vote +1
17:39:38 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
17:39:39 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
17:39:42 <abhijitkumbhare> #vote +1
17:39:58 <colindixon> #endvote
17:39:58 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC move the Cardinal project to incubation?" Results are
17:39:58 <odl_meetbot> +1 (6): gkaempfer, LuisGomez, dfarrell07, edwarnicke, abhijitkumbhare, mohnish_
17:40:16 <colindixon> #info colindixon votes +1
17:40:27 <colindixon> #agreed the Cardinal project is now in incubation
17:40:41 <dfarrell07> colindixon: do you need to note that it's included in Boron?
17:41:00 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC allow cardinal to join Boron at offet 2? -1,0,+1
17:41:00 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC allow cardinal to join Boron at offet 2? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
17:41:00 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
17:41:03 <abhijitkumbhare> edwarnicke: the colindixon respiration includes vote :)
17:41:03 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
17:41:04 <mohnish_> #vote +1
17:41:05 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
17:41:16 <colindixon> #vote +1
17:41:20 <abhijitkumbhare> #vote +1
17:41:22 <gkaempfer> colindixon: EPC folks thought that the review was moved out to next week...
17:41:29 <colindixon> gkaempfer: yeah that was my bad
17:41:40 <colindixon> but it's probably just as well given the time
17:41:40 <colindixon> sorry
17:41:54 <dfarrell07> edwarnicke and gkaempfer need to vote above
17:41:55 <gkaempfer> no problem.
17:42:02 <colindixon> one more vote, gkaempfer, edwarnicke ?
17:42:14 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
17:42:19 <colindixon> #endvote
17:42:19 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC allow cardinal to join Boron at offet 2?" Results are
17:42:19 <odl_meetbot> +1 (6): gkaempfer, LuisGomez, dfarrell07, colindixon, abhijitkumbhare, mohnish_
17:42:25 <colindixon> #agreed Cardinal can join Boron at offset 2
17:42:30 <colindixon> congrats Cardinal
17:42:38 <colindixon> #topic Atribum BGP Router Creation review
17:42:42 <Gaurav_> Thanks
17:42:49 <colindixon> #link https://github.com/onfsdn/atrium-docs/wiki/ODL-Based-Atrium-Router-16A
17:43:09 <colindixon> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/project-proposals/2016-March/000405.html proposed on 3/2/2016
17:44:11 <mohnish_> https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:Atrium_Router
17:44:27 <colindixon> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:Atrium_Router
17:46:31 <colindixon> #Info colindixon asks about the scope, it says it's for "the first release" but we typically try to keep scope for the project, not for ag given release
17:47:03 <colindixon> #Info colindixon does note that it can be adjusted later if need be, so it's probably not the end of the world, but colindixon is still curious if the intended eventual scope is broader
17:50:28 <colindixon> #info colindixon asks for ARP, are you using the ArpHandler in l2switch or a new one?
17:51:43 <gzhao> sth wrong with webex?
17:51:45 <colindixon> #Info colindixon notes that his understanding that right now it's his unnderstand that they're using Quagga, but in the future they might move to using OpenDaylight BGP as an option in the future
17:51:55 <colindixon> gzhao: not for me
17:52:26 <edwarnicke> colindixon: I am also loosing about a third
17:52:34 <edwarnicke> s/loosing/losing/
17:53:02 <colindixon> #info Prem_ asks for the deployment model of running with Quagga, for now Quagga won't be in any opendaylight repo, but will need to be downloaded and run by the user
17:55:47 <gzhao> edwarnicke: sign in server has issues, join as guest will be fine.
17:56:02 <edwarnicke> gzhao: I'm good now :)
17:58:46 <colindixon> #info rovarga__ says he sees there being dragons in having potentially having two different BGP implementations that ODL would run with
17:59:36 <colindixon> #Info there are potienail problems with (1) fighting over the BGP port, (2) complicating BGP compatibility testing with ODL b/c we have two ways, (3) reporting stats about BGP being ambiguous
18:01:12 <ChrisPriceAB> Do we intend to start to point to winners or allow our projects to evolve meritocratically.  We can say 1) don't run both at once 2) have test cases that evaluate the specs rather than the implementations.
18:01:36 <colindixon> #info colindixon notes that we have traditionally have been very clear that competeing options in a space are fine at least at mature and incubation
18:01:38 <colindixon> ChrisPriceAB: yes
18:01:39 * ChrisPriceAB is just thinking out loud. (and can't hear voice)
18:01:46 <colindixon> I was pretty adamant about that
18:02:32 <LuisGomez> ultimately I would like to see a single plugin for user clarity and to avoid integration/test complications
18:02:51 <LuisGomez> this is same discussion as having 2 openflow plugins implementations
18:03:01 <LuisGomez> and we know the issues with that
18:03:31 <LuisGomez> anyway I like the scope of this project
18:03:32 <ChrisPriceAB> yep, we be forewarned so have the opportunity to avoid some of the issues found there
18:03:58 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC move the the Atrium BGP project to incubation? -1, 0, +1
18:03:58 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC move the the Atrium BGP project to incubation? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
18:03:58 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:04:06 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
18:04:07 <abhijitkumbhare> #vote +1
18:04:09 <rovarga__> +1
18:04:12 <colindixon> #vote +1
18:04:13 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
18:04:14 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
18:04:24 <abhijitkumbhare> rovarga__:  you need to use vote
18:04:25 <colindixon> rovarga__: missing the #vote
18:04:32 <mohnish_> #vote +1
18:04:33 <rovarga__> #vote +1
18:04:36 <colindixon> #endvote
18:04:36 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC move the the Atrium BGP project to incubation?" Results are
18:04:36 <odl_meetbot> +1 (7): LuisGomez, dfarrell07, edwarnicke, colindixon, mohnish_, rovarga__, abhijitkumbhare
18:04:42 <rovarga__> colindixon: thanks :)
18:05:00 <colindixon> #startvote shall the TSC allow the Atrium BGP project to join Boron? -1,0,+1
18:05:00 <odl_meetbot> Begin voting on: shall the TSC allow the Atrium BGP project to join Boron? Valid vote options are -1, 0, +1.
18:05:00 <odl_meetbot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:05:04 <colindixon> #vote +1
18:05:17 <abhijitkumbhare> offset?
18:05:44 <mohnish_> #vote +1
18:05:46 <colindixon> #info offset 2 project in boron
18:05:48 <abhijitkumbhare> #vote +1
18:05:50 <LuisGomez> #vote +1
18:05:50 <edwarnicke> #vote +1
18:05:54 <dfarrell07> #vote +1
18:05:59 <colindixon> #endvote
18:05:59 <odl_meetbot> Voted on "shall the TSC allow the Atrium BGP project to join Boron?" Results are
18:05:59 <odl_meetbot> +1 (6): LuisGomez, dfarrell07, edwarnicke, colindixon, mohnish_, abhijitkumbhare
18:06:03 <gkaempfer> #vote +1
18:06:13 <rovarga__> #vote 0
18:06:21 <gkaempfer> it's late here so I'm slow...
18:06:42 <colindixon> #info gkaempfer also votes +1
18:06:57 <colindixon> #agreed the Atrium BGP router is now an incubation project
18:07:15 <colindixon> #agreed teh Atriium BGP router is allowed to join Boron at offest 2
18:07:18 <colindixon> #topic cookies
18:07:18 <abhijitkumbhare> cookies? :)
18:07:21 <colindixon> #endmeeting