17:03:52 <colindixon> #startmeeting tws
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17:03:55 <colindixon> #topic agenda bashing
17:04:31 <colindixon> #info the plan is to go over the OpenFlow plugin migration plan for the new plugin, when things will be happening and what the OpenFlow plugin project is expecting of other (dependent) projects
17:05:14 <colindixon> #info attendence is looking light, if it's not substantially better at 5 after, we'll probably have abhijitkumbhare send an e-mail summarizing things and then schedule this topic for next week
17:05:47 <colindixon> #action abhijitkumbhare to send a mail summarizing the plan for migration, send it to release and discuss and we'll try to drum up critical mass for next week
17:05:57 <colindixon> #endmeeting