16:56:56 <vorburger> #startmeeting kernel-projects
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16:57:07 <vorburger> #topic Attendees please #info in
17:01:53 <vorburger> skitt: rovarga: Kernel Projects meeting?
17:02:48 <vorburger> #info vorburger skitt brendan jmorvay Martin Sandberg
17:02:59 <vorburger> #topic Agenda Bashing
17:03:59 <vorburger> #info Daya raises Martin from E. hit some NETCONF issues in ONAP using ODL Oxygen
17:05:07 <vorburger> #info jmorvay saw JIRA from Martin, it's about TLS support in netconf clustered implementation
17:05:17 <vorburger> #info jmorvay thinks porting non-clustered to clustered should be possible, he'll have a look
17:07:09 <jmorvay> #link https://jira.opendaylight.org/browse/NETCONF-594
17:07:51 <vorburger> #topic skitt Ongoing version bumps
17:08:09 <vorburger> skitt: will you #info in a summary after? ;-)
17:09:02 <vorburger> #info need a new 4.0.9 but has an issue which rovarga is looking into helping to fix
17:09:17 <rovarga> vorburger: right
17:10:36 <vorburger> #info current situation: all projects have merged bump patches and build fine, but distribution is broken
17:11:39 <vorburger> #topic Tell based?
17:11:55 <vorburger> #info Daya is asking about where we are with regards to switching based Tell based
17:12:33 <vorburger> #info rovarga says that tpantelis was looked at the CSIT for Tell, and things that it looked like it was pretty much working
17:13:42 <vorburger> #info the "CSIT" here refers to Controller CSIT, not full leaf project (like netvirt). Days says jamoluhrsen said in the netvirt meeting he'll run test
17:14:14 <vorburger> #info rovarga suggests starting a new thread on a list like controller-dev to track this
17:14:43 <vorburger> #info Daya points to an existing JIRA in netvirt which tracks current status
17:15:56 <vorburger> #link https://jira.opendaylight.org/browse/NETVIRT-1322
17:17:38 <vorburger> #topic Can the RESTCONF draft implementation be dropped?
17:18:14 <vorburger> #info jmorvay raises the idea of dropping the code of the draft implementation
17:18:49 <vorburger> #info main effort seems to be adjusting the CSIT tests, not removing the Java code
17:19:26 <vorburger> jmorvay: is there already a JIRA for this? If not perhaps start one and start describing the plan?
17:20:10 <vorburger> #info discussion between LuisGomez jmorvay jmorvay regards the exact process of deprecating, installing both old and new, ... 5 steps?
17:20:24 <vorburger> #undo
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17:20:33 <vorburger> #info discussion between LuisGomez jmorvay regarding the exact process of deprecating, installing both old and new, ... 5 steps?
17:24:32 <rovarga> #info step 1: duplicate netconf.git CSIT jobs such that we have one set talking bierman02, the other talking RFC8040
17:25:17 <rovarga> #info step 2. declare bierman02 endpoint "not recommonded" or deprecated (i.e. use RFC8040 if at all possible)
17:25:33 <rovarga> #info 3. migrate all of CSIT to use RFC8040 (which *will* find bugs)
17:26:16 <rovarga> #info step 4. deprecate bierman02 by not installing it by default
17:26:29 <rovarga> #info step 5. remove the code
17:27:45 <rovarga> #info steps 2 and 4 need to happen on release, i.e. must be documented and release noted
17:29:04 <vorburger> #topic Sodium planning
17:29:21 <rovarga> #link https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Kernel_Projects_Call
17:30:38 <vorburger> #info skitt mentions some work in planning odlparent, mostly clean up and version bumps with breakages
17:31:16 <vorburger> #info rovarga skitt discuss the need for breaking version changes .. "gain vs. pain", incl. e.g. the Jersey version bump
17:33:05 <vorburger> #info Nobody is jumping up to tackle the Jersey version ump
17:33:30 <vorburger> #info yangtools and mdal has nothing major planned
17:37:29 <vorburger> #info controller as MRI? - let's discuss this in a future weekly meeting when we have Tom
17:37:43 <rovarga> #info yangtools does not have major changes ready, the cost/benefit is simply not there to spend full-time on developing and stabilizing things for downstream consumption
17:38:17 <jmorvay> #link https://jira.opendaylight.org/browse/INTTEST-55
17:38:34 <rovarga> #info mdsal has some stuff which would warrant a major release
17:38:48 <jmorvay> #info I've opened the issue to track RFC 8040 in netconf CSIT
17:39:59 <jmorvay> rovarga: Do you want to open issues also for other steps you have just described?
17:40:40 <rovarga> #info 1) remove DataObject.getImplementedInterface() which was forgotten when we have eliminated getKey() and getAugmentation()
17:41:51 <rovarga> #info this is low-impact on downstreams, as it affects only generated code and controller/netconf tests
17:41:58 <vorburger> #info IFF we go for Java 11, that would warrant a new major odlparent
17:42:10 <rovarga> #info 2) change union generation, limited fallout in downstreams
17:44:13 <rovarga> #info 3) change 'list foo { key bar }' with ordered-by=system from List<Foo> to Map<FooKey, Foo>
17:45:19 <rovarga> #info this is very useful to downstreams, but will cause major compilation breakage
17:45:37 <rovarga> #info hence mdsal will probably shoot for a major release containing 1) but little else
17:46:13 <rovarga> #info odlparent may need a major release contingent of whether the TSC decides to make Sodium a Java 11-only release (because of source=8 -> 11 change)
17:49:17 <vorburger> #endmeeting