17:06:50 <vorburger> #startmeeting kernel-weekly
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17:07:45 <vorburger> #topic NETCONF Test Tool removal
17:07:57 <vorburger> #info jmorvay asks if this tool can be removed
17:09:02 <vorburger> #info jmorvay explains what this does.. testing tool is a NETCONF server which simulates like a switch or router
17:09:09 <rovarga> please don't
17:09:15 <rovarga> I'll be in the meeting in 5 minutes
17:10:29 <vorburger> #info it has an option when you start it to specific if you want to use the real MD-SAL data store or its local in-memory List (this is not the MD-SAL in-memory TestDataBroker)
17:11:32 <vorburger> #info jmorvay propose to keep the md-sal backed one, but ditch that fake data store
17:12:26 <vorburger> #info rovarga says that the fake data store is useful for performance testing netconf protocol
17:14:20 <vorburger> #info vorburger suggests asking if using the MD-SAL in-memory TestDataBroker could be an option here; rovarga says no, because that's still too heavy
17:15:09 <vorburger> #info jmorvay reason for wanting to remove it is maintenance burden, rovarga says not much maintenance is needed
17:16:18 <vorburger> #info jmorvay reason was JAXB removal, rovarga says it's OK to keep it in the test tool
17:18:49 <vorburger> #link https://github.com/opendaylight/netconf/tree/master/netconf/tools/netconf-testtool
17:20:43 <vorburger> #topic YANG 1.1 action support in NETCONF
17:21:30 <vorburger> #info Martin Sandberg says Ericsson is looking for this, and has had some email exchange with jmorvay, there is a JIRA
17:22:23 <vorburger> #link jmorvay says there is some basic support but more work is needed, shouldn't be that hard for non-clustered, for clustering "also needs some proxy clustered services"
17:24:09 <jmorvay> #link https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/74745/
17:24:31 <jmorvay> This added some preliminary support of YANG 1.1 actions for netconf mounts
17:26:52 <vorburger> #link https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/netconf-dev/
17:28:18 <vorburger> #topic Code Freeze in 2 days
17:28:36 <vorburger> #info skitt clarifies it's been moved from in 2 days to next week
17:29:08 <vorburger> #info rovarga says distribution is currently broken, skitt merging netconf right now, and it should be OK after that
17:29:26 <vorburger> #info TSC call on Thursday needs to discuss this
17:30:06 <vorburger> #info rovarga says it should be OK tomorrow
17:31:22 <vorburger> #info jmorvay says his netconf patches could wait for Sodium if he has to, rovarga says it would be great to still get it into Neon
17:34:58 <vorburger> #info vorburger asks what the timeline and plan for branching and then opening master as Sodium will be
17:36:12 <vorburger> #info rovarga says that there should be just 1 day of interruption, so we'll have stable/neon (for blockers only) and master open for Sodium the day after
17:36:50 <LuisGomez> #info small request: if someone using multi-patch job in a regular basis can review this patch:
17:36:54 <LuisGomez> #link: https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/79586/
17:36:54 <vorburger> #info the TSC call on Thursday needs to make the decision for the code freeze cut off, community majority will probably want to post pone in
17:38:00 <vorburger> #info LuisGomez requesting skitt rovarga may be to review https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/79586/
17:38:12 <vorburger> #undo
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17:38:19 <vorburger> #topic Multi Patch Job
17:38:28 <vorburger> #info LuisGomez requesting skitt rovarga may be to review https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/79586/
17:39:00 <vorburger> skitt: rovarga: LuisGomez please jump in and minute this disucssion, I'm not following the details on this topic ;-)
17:42:38 <vorburger> #topic Attendees
17:43:06 <vorburger> #info vorburger skitt LuisGomez TomP rovarga Martin Sandberg jmorvay
17:43:19 <vorburger> #topic Gerrit API
17:43:27 <rovarga> skitt: bad news:
17:43:30 <rovarga> 00:03:34.454 [WARNING] Could not validate integrity of download from https://nexus.opendaylight.org/content/repositories/public/com/bea/xml/jsr173-ri/1.0/jsr173-ri-1.0.jar: Checksum validation failed, no checksums available
17:43:32 <rovarga> 00:03:34.454 [WARNING] Checksum validation failed, no checksums available from opendaylight-mirror for https://nexus.opendaylight.org/content/repositories/public/com/bea/xml/jsr173-ri/1.0/jsr173-ri-1.0.jar
17:43:49 <skitt> oh /o\
17:44:09 <rovarga> and the merge job failed
17:44:15 <rovarga> I wonder if it is a timeout
17:44:37 <rovarga> not sure what the merge job timeout for netconf is
17:44:51 <rovarga> but it is very close to 60 minutes when the failure happened
17:46:57 <vorburger> #info skitt asks for interest in a "bot" which could auto-merge jobs
17:47:13 <vorburger> #info LuisGomez says this could be a project for an intern (but still needs someone to manage it)
17:47:44 <vorburger> #info vorburger points to this opendaylight-bot, which never went this far (to actually "control" Gerrit via API), that was the dream
17:48:12 <vorburger> #info vorburger says there are of course existing bot systems using in OpenStack and Kubernetes and elsewhere which perhaps could be re-used in OpenDaylight
17:50:07 <vorburger> #info https://zuul-ci.org ? LuisGomez says LF already said No to this a while ago
17:52:44 <vorburger> #topic Cookies
17:52:50 <vorburger> #endmeeting