#opendaylight-meeting: Kernel Projects Call

Meeting started by rovarga at 16:03:16 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Agenda (rovarga, 16:05:23)
    1. yangtools-3.0.1/mdsal-4.0.2 upgrade for bugfixes and codegen improvements (rovarga, 16:05:44)

  2. Fluorine SR3 readiness (rovarga, 16:07:15)
    1. LuisGomez asks whether we're done for Fluorine (rovarga, 16:07:24)
    2. rovarga says that as far as Kernel Projects are concerned, Fluorine is as good as it's gonna get (rovarga, 16:07:44)
    3. we are not tracking any regressions, hence are good to release (provided validation goes through) (rovarga, 16:08:13)

  3. yangtools-3.0.1/mdsal-4.0.2 upgrade (rovarga, 16:08:29)
    1. this will land in Sodium, as a bugfix/feature/improvement package (rovarga, 16:08:47)
    2. driven mostly yangtools-3.0.1, which contains a fix required for NETCONF-613 (rovarga, 16:09:11)
    3. yangtools-3.0.1 is adding supoprt for anydata nodes (i.e. in data) (rovarga, 16:09:33)
    4. that is done, but there's some UT work left, expect that to be done in about a day or two (rovarga, 16:10:20)
    5. mdsal-4.0.2 will contain a bugfix for action codegen (rovarga, 16:11:53)
    6. it will also have an improvement codegen around augment(), saving ~3% generated class size (rovarga, 16:12:02)
    7. as a new feature, we'll enable binding codegen for anydata nodes (that builds on top of anyxml support we shipped in 4.0.1) (rovarga, 16:12:51)

  4. documenting YANG-1.1 actions in NETCONF (rovarga, 16:14:38)
    1. https://github.com/opendaylight/netconf/blob/master/docs/user-guide.rst is the best place (rovarga, 16:16:09)

  5. rest-docgen is broken (rovarga, 16:23:44)
    1. ModelGenerator throws IAE when processing the effective schema context (rovarga, 16:24:03)
    2. this is due to RFC8526 models landing in NETCONF and ModelGenerator not handling AnyDataSchemaNodes (rovarga, 16:24:24)
    3. ACTION: Ajay will file an issue with NETCONF to fix ModelGenerator (rovarga, 16:25:00)
    4. https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/82284 should fix the issue (rovarga, 16:30:27)

  6. Mariusz seems to have a problem connecting to the test tool (rovarga, 16:30:43)
    1. the testtool starts up, but it repors SSH2_DISCONNECT_HOST_KEY_NOT_VERIFIABLE (rovarga, 16:31:22)
    2. check this thread: https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/netconf-dev/2019-April/002125.html (LuisGomez, 16:33:54)
    3. NETCONF-622 tracks the docgen issue (rovarga, 16:36:51)
    4. Emmett pushed a patch to enable action routing in cluster (rovarga, 16:37:14)
    5. ACTION: rovarga to review the patch (rovarga, 16:37:19)

Meeting ended at 16:37:43 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Ajay will file an issue with NETCONF to fix ModelGenerator
  2. rovarga to review the patch

Action items, by person

  1. rovarga
    1. rovarga to review the patch

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  1. rovarga (28)
  2. odl_meetbot (3)
  3. LuisGomez (1)

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