16:03:16 <rovarga> #startmeeting Kernel Projects Call
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16:05:23 <rovarga> #topic Agenda
16:05:44 <rovarga> #info yangtools-3.0.1/mdsal-4.0.2 upgrade for bugfixes and codegen improvements
16:07:15 <rovarga> #topic Fluorine SR3 readiness
16:07:24 <rovarga> #info LuisGomez asks whether we're done for Fluorine
16:07:44 <rovarga> #info rovarga says that as far as Kernel Projects are concerned, Fluorine is as good as it's gonna get
16:08:13 <rovarga> #info we are not tracking any regressions, hence are good to release (provided validation goes through)
16:08:29 <rovarga> #topic yangtools-3.0.1/mdsal-4.0.2 upgrade
16:08:47 <rovarga> #info this will land in Sodium, as a bugfix/feature/improvement package
16:09:11 <rovarga> #info driven mostly yangtools-3.0.1, which contains a fix required for NETCONF-613
16:09:33 <rovarga> #info yangtools-3.0.1 is adding supoprt for anydata nodes (i.e. in data)
16:10:20 <rovarga> #info that is done, but there's some UT work left, expect that to be done in about a day or two
16:11:53 <rovarga> #info mdsal-4.0.2 will contain a bugfix for action codegen
16:12:02 <rovarga> #info it will also have an improvement codegen around augment(), saving ~3% generated class size
16:12:51 <rovarga> #info as a new feature, we'll enable binding codegen for anydata nodes (that builds on top of anyxml support we shipped in 4.0.1)
16:14:38 <rovarga> #topic documenting YANG-1.1 actions in NETCONF
16:16:09 <rovarga> #link https://github.com/opendaylight/netconf/blob/master/docs/user-guide.rst is the best place
16:23:44 <rovarga> #topic rest-docgen is broken
16:24:03 <rovarga> #info ModelGenerator throws IAE when processing the effective schema context
16:24:24 <rovarga> #info this is due to RFC8526 models landing in NETCONF and ModelGenerator not handling AnyDataSchemaNodes
16:25:00 <rovarga> #action Ajay will file an issue with NETCONF to fix ModelGenerator
16:30:27 <rovarga> #link https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/82284 should fix the issue
16:30:43 <rovarga> #topic Mariusz seems to have a problem connecting to the test tool
16:31:22 <rovarga> #info the testtool starts up, but it repors SSH2_DISCONNECT_HOST_KEY_NOT_VERIFIABLE
16:33:54 <LuisGomez> #info check this thread: https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/netconf-dev/2019-April/002125.html
16:36:51 <rovarga> #info NETCONF-622 tracks the docgen issue
16:37:14 <rovarga> #info Emmett pushed a patch to enable action routing in cluster
16:37:19 <rovarga> #action rovarga to review the patch
16:37:43 <rovarga> #endmeeting