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Meeting started by phrobb at 16:56:44 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. TSC Members please #info in (phrobb, 16:57:01)
    1. dmm (dmm, 16:57:06)
    2. Kent Watsen (kwatsen, 17:01:31)
    3. Colin Dixon (represent IBM on behalf of Vijoy) (colindixon, 17:02:38)
    4. Ed Warnicke (edwarnicke___, 17:02:43)
    5. Rob Dolin proxy for Rajeev Nagar (Microsoft) (RobDolin, 17:03:04)
    6. https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/TSC:Main#Meeting_Agenda (dmm, 17:06:04)

  2. Agenda Bashings (phrobb, 17:06:42)
  3. Agenda Bashing (RobDolin, 17:06:50)
    1. dmm points people to the agenda mentioning that today's agenda has time boundaries (RobDolin, 17:07:22)
    2. https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/TSC:Main <- includes agenda for today (RobDolin, 17:08:01)
    3. David Meyer asked if Colin is ready for creation review and Colin says he is. (RobDolin, 17:10:17)

  4. Release Manager Update (RobDolin, 17:11:21)
    1. Phil Robb reports that Huawei is interested in helping to fulfill the Release Manager role (RobDolin, 17:12:26)
    2. Ed Warnicke suggests it is healthy for leadership to emerge (RobDolin, 17:13:32)

  5. Helium Release Plan (RobDolin, 17:14:33)
    1. Chris Wright here (apologies for being late) (cdub, 17:16:24)
    2. Ed brings up his concerns about helium release dates expressed here: https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2014-April/001074.html (colindixon, 17:17:01)
    3. edwarnicke___ would like to allow all projects that get their proposals in by 4/30/2014, to be allowed to participate in the Helium release (colindixon, 17:18:32)
    4. and also reviewed by the Thursday 5/15/2014 (edwarnicke___, 17:19:04)
    5. https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/tsc/2014-April/001074.html the actual link to the e-mail Ed sent (messed up the #link) (colindixon, 17:19:43)
    6. dmm and colindixon express their support for Ed's proposal (colindixon, 17:20:39)
    7. RobDolin expresses his support, and goes further than that saying that we should err on the side of inclusivity in allowing people that come possibly even later than 4/30 and 5/15 (for proposal and review) (colindixon, 17:21:43)
    8. edwarnicke___ expresses some concern around making sure that there is enough time for projects to collaborate during the simultaneous release (colindixon, 17:25:27)
    9. proposal is that the TSC commit to admitting projects to the Helium Simultaenous Release which bring their project proposals by 4/30/14 and have their creation review by 5/15/14 as long as they also have Release Plans in place for the M1 time frame (linked off their proposals) (edwarnicke___, 17:26:18)
    10. +1 (cdub, 17:26:58)
    11. +1 (RobDolin, 17:27:02)
    12. +1 (edwarnicke___, 17:27:02)
    13. +1 (colindixon, 17:27:08)
    14. +1 (kwatsen, 17:27:11)
    15. AGREED: TSC agrees to Ed Warnicke's proposal (phrobb, 17:27:20)

  6. helium release plans and venues (colindixon, 17:28:37)
  7. lithium release plans and venues (regXboi, 17:29:20)
    1. phrobb points out that venues in the Bay area are filling up quickly (regXboi, 17:29:44)
    2. https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Simultaneous_Release:Lithium_Release_Plan#Schedule (cdub, 17:30:06)
    3. the problem is that there are no venues in the bay area between 5/15 and 5/25 (regXboi, 17:31:20)
    4. edwarnicke__ points out that lithium planning is finalized between M1 and M2 of helium (regXboi, 17:33:30)
    5. phrobb points out that he *has* to pick a venue (regXboi, 17:33:40)
    6. phrobb is looking for a sanity check on the dates so that we can plan a venue as the lead time is longer than the release cycle... (regXboi, 17:34:43)
    7. Ed Warnicke suggests we should have an initial day of tutorials (RobDolin, 17:37:18)
    8. Ed Warnicke suggests we should have a design summit that doesn't conflict with other parts of program (RobDolin, 17:37:48)
    9. phrobb says the current plan is for a full week (regXboi, 17:37:57)
    10. Robert V. suggests we have a large number of developers from outside the bay area (RobDolin, 17:39:21)
    11. Phil Robb suggests moving from the bay area would drop attendance by about 40% (RobDolin, 17:39:58)
    12. Ed Warnicke points-out that many projects have an epicenter in Europe or Asia and a substantial portion of developer population there as well. (RobDolin, 17:40:47)
    13. David Meyer suggests the issue of venues, time zones, etc. be taken to the discuss alias (RobDolin, 17:41:43)

  8. Preventing Eclipse Breakage (RobDolin, 17:42:12)
    1. colindixon gives kudos to brocade folks for fixing eclipse breakade (regXboi, 17:42:37)
    2. but wants projects to "do no harm" in bringing in new languages and maven plugins that break eclipse (regXboi, 17:43:09)
    3. Ed Warnicke also cheers the folks who did the Eclipse work (RobDolin, 17:43:19)

  9. DLUX status (regXboi, 17:43:26)
  10. DLUX Project Status (RobDolin, 17:43:40)
    1. core developers have stepped away from DLUX and it's future is not clear (phrobb, 17:46:47)
    2. several of the core resources have moved on and so the project is at best thinly staffed (regXboi, 17:46:48)
    3. Chris Wright suggests that we have a process in-place for time-out (RobDolin, 17:49:56)
    4. Madhu points out that there is no management around the UI presented by opendaylight (regXboi, 17:50:39)
    5. all that is there is from the controller and *that* is AD-SAL focused (regXboi, 17:51:03)
    6. Ryan Moats (regXboi) suggests a controller may often live under an orchestrator and the interface will be the NB APIs (RobDolin, 17:52:16)
    7. Jan Medved suggests a controller has more uses than just living under an orchestrator (RobDolin, 17:52:36)
    8. AGREED: there is no current TSC action item for DLUX (regXboi, 17:52:57)
    9. http://www.opendaylight.org/project-lifecycle-releases (edwarnicke___, 17:53:11)

  11. NDM Create Review (regXboi, 17:54:06)
    1. http://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Project_Proposals:Negotiable_Datapath_Models (regXboi, 17:54:16)
    2. Colin Dixon walks people through the project proposal describing Table Type Patterns (TTPs), ... (RobDolin, 17:56:01)
    3. colindixon points out there are some interesting hardware targets for this (regXboi, 17:56:46)
    4. http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/TTPs%20and%20NBIs%20for%20ods2014-final_0.pdf slides (colindixon, 17:58:30)
    5. http://wiki.osgi.org/wiki/Require-Capability — on MD-SAL have application require specific capabilities in their manifests (hardware case) (icbts, 18:21:37)
    6. dmm calls for questions before the vote on this project to incubation (phrobb, 18:32:37)
    7. kwatsen asks "is this a fundamental issue with OF1.3, and is this a proposal for how ODL will solve it? (phrobb, 18:38:21)
    8. colindixon notes that the options of OF1.3 need bounds. the TTPs are a method to do that from the ONF… Support for these in ODL is the essence of this proposal (phrobb, 18:39:40)
    9. dmm calls for the vote "does the TSC want to move NDM project to incubation"? (phrobb, 18:41:01)

  12. vote on NDM project to incubation (regXboi, 18:41:24)
  13. vote on NDM to Incubation (phrobb, 18:41:25)
    1. +1 (cdub, 18:41:33)
    2. +1 (dmm, 18:41:36)
    3. +1 (edwarnicke___, 18:41:44)
    4. +1 (colindixon, 18:41:50)
    5. +1 (RobDolin, 18:41:52)
    6. +1 (kwatsen, 18:41:56)
    7. AGREED: TSC approves the NDM project to incubation (phrobb, 18:42:23)
    8. AGREED: NDM to incubation (regXboi, 18:42:23)
    9. colindixon calls for all/any additional help on this project is welcome (phrobb, 18:43:11)

  14. Stable Release Branch (phrobb, 18:43:24)
    1. cdub notes no substantial updates… effort moving forward, projects working on the effort, some projects are farther along than others. (phrobb, 18:44:22)
    2. dmm notes he will keep this as a standing agenda item (phrobb, 18:44:59)
    3. regXboi asks for the tag to follow the email - what to follow and post against (phrobb, 18:45:38)
    4. cdub notes the discussion on discuss and each project contact (phrobb, 18:46:10)
    5. dmm asks for any last pressing issues before closing (phrobb, 18:46:55)

Meeting ended at 18:47:10 UTC (full logs).

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  1. RobDolin (38)
  2. regXboi (34)
  3. phrobb (24)
  4. colindixon (24)
  5. cdub (19)
  6. edwarnicke___ (13)
  7. networkstatic (6)
  8. icbts (5)
  9. tbachman (5)
  10. dmm (4)
  11. odl_meetbot (4)
  12. kwatsen (4)
  13. drizzt_ (3)
  14. catohornet1 (1)

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